Obligitory B-day post

24 today and absolutely nothing to report. I spent my year eating snacky treats in front of the PC AS THE LAW OF THE FURRE DEMANDS!

:'( Soon I will die of multiple heart attacks of the ass
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So my new tablet arrived this week, its by far the FATTEST one I've ever used

Bloo and I went to see inglorious bastards the other day, entire cinema went into gigglefits whenever Hitler was on screen. I liked his little cape, like a little nazi superhero

I cut all the fingertips of my left hand trying to make a cheese sandwich with a fucking huge bread knife. It bled profusely, dissapointed I never got a photo of it at the time, it was awesome.

Blizzard tried to lower my burst dps in an ill advised attempt to remove paladins from the lower tier 2v2 arena. People were crying too much about rets again

and failed misrably, I can now pull gladiator healers apart withtout thinking about it. All I need to do is use my PVE gear to do the deed
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Quit it Newsnubs!

I understand that internets and politics genrally dont mix, but all these American pundits (usually in the employ of that old bloated whore "Newscorp") using the NHS as a blunt instrument to break Obamas metaphorical kneecaps are getting my back up.

Christ sake, I've seen at least three BLATANT LIES now on multiple american news networks! What the fuck happened to proof reading that shit before putting it on TV?!!!!!