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Quit it Newsnubs!
I understand that internets and politics genrally dont mix, but all these American pundits (usually in the employ of that old bloated whore "Newscorp") using the NHS as a blunt instrument to break Obamas metaphorical kneecaps are getting my back up.

Christ sake, I've seen at least three BLATANT LIES now on multiple american news networks! What the fuck happened to proof reading that shit before putting it on TV?!!!!!

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Apparantly the NHS promotes communism and terrorism. TWO OF THE MOST HATED THINGS IN AMERICA!

That sounds like socialist propoganda to me! GET YOU TO GUANTANAMO A-SAP!!

Oh yay! I can be the Kenny Richey of Guantanamo!

The sun will love you until you're actually released, then they will hate you

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