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Behold our puny animal slaves

This is Hannacat, she is tiny. She lives in the spare room, and keeps Penn as a pet. She also practices kung fu on his face at the slightest provocation (even if somone else provokes her)

This is Dexter dog, he has a fat head and eats poo. He is startled by his own farts and his tail baffles him

And this is Mimiron, she is an obese giant rabbit

Chocolate puts her into a frenzy this picture does nothing to describe

We cant get her to eat yellow hay yet so shes ballooning. Vaguely tempted to try feeding her some grass, but cant until she gets her myximatosis jab

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Ewwwwwww, horreandously cute animals though. Especially the bun, though I may be biased (and jealous)

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